Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Furlough

April 3, 2020

Some information regarding 'Furloughed & Furloughing' Employees & Workers. 

**Please note this information is ever changing and is correct as at 31/03/20

Furloughed Workers

1) To qualify as a 'furloughed' worker the business does not have to be closed but you cannot do any work when 'furloughed'

2) If you were moving to a new job and the offer has been withdrawn or delayed due to Coronavirus then you can go back to your previous employer and ask them to put you through as a 'furloughed' employee until all this is over. They will then claim the 80% and pass it on to you. This has been confirmed by the Treasury today 31/03/20. Your previous employer can rehire you to furlough you. So if needed ask them.

3) If an employee cannot work or does not want to work - such as pregnant employees, those with underlying health conditions, wants or has to self-isolate due to family members who are vulnerable etc (this list is not exhaustive and will cover many scenarios) then an employer can and should 'furlough' them and apply for the 80%. This also applies to key workers.

4) If you have been made redundant then your employer can revoke the redundancy and 'furlough' you until this is all over and you will receive 80% of your wage. The employer can then process the redundancy afterwards if redundancy still applies. Some written agreement may be required.

5) You must remain on 'furlough' for a minimum of 3 weeks and you can go on and off furlough as work dictates.

6) Agency workers can be paid through the scheme if they are on a PAYE system. Some are not and Agency Workers should check this with their Agency.

7) Those on Zero hours contracts are eligible

8) Average wage is determined by the following:

If you’ve been employed (or engaged by an employment agency in the case of agency workers) for a full year, employers will claim for the higher of either; the amount you earned in the same month last year or an average of your monthly earnings from the last year

If you’ve been employed for less than a year, employers will claim for an average of your monthly earnings since you started work. The same applies if your monthly pay varies such as zero-hour contracts.

If you started work in February 2020, your employer should pro-rata your earnings from that month.

Bonuses, commissions and fees are not included as part of your monthly earnings.

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